Weird vacation story doubles your daily energy

Written by: Brad Pilon

Have you ever gone on vacation, pigged out the entire time, and not gain anywhere near as much weight as you thought you would?

Ever go away on vacation to somewhere warm and tropical and feel AMAZING and energetic even though you’re staying up late at night and on the go all day?

The same weird experience happens to a lot of people.

And new scientific discoveries are finally explaining why…

I think it’s because of the air you were breathing on vacation. Let me explain…

Research is now showing that not only can breathing too much bad air directly cause symptoms of exhaustion and lethargy, but it can also increase hunger, lead to weight gain, and even contribute to the rise in diabetes!…

Yet get this… Breathing better air can reverse these same symptoms in as little as 20 minutes!

So do you need to move to an island in the Caribbean to be healthy?


You just have to decrease your daily exposure to carbon dioxide.

Yes carbon dioxide.

Look: I’m not talking about global warming here — I’m talking about the air INSIDE your home and office. Because…

If you live or work in a modern building there’s a good chance you’re dealing with Carbon Dioxide Toxicity…

I know this sounds almost ridiculous… yet it’s something you really must find out about if you suffer from ANY symptoms of unexplained fatigue, lack of concentration, or weight gain…

This is eye opening stuff. And to tell you the truth I was shocked and horrified to discover it myself in the brand new Thin Air book that I just finished reading last week.

Yet the great thing is it gave me a ton of tricks that I’ve been using and they instantly gave me a noticeable boost to my energy.

Listen: I didn’t even realize I was suffering from this, so I highly recommend you check this book out if you want to make sure you’re getting the maximum energy out of your day…

It’s a quick read and will cost you less than a trip to Starbucks for your usual energy injection. 🙂

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