My Take on Cardio

Written by: Brad Pilon

One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that people think I hate cardio.

Now truthfully, I don’t do cardio myself, but I do think cardio can have a place in a weight loss program…. I don’t think it works nearly as well as people would like it to, especially when it comes to burning calories, but it can have a place.

My theory is that 4-6 weeks of cardio training 2-4 times per week used specifically to ramp up fat burning enzyme activity may be beneficial for some people, especially if done at the beginning of a weight loss program.

The thought is that those 4-6 weeks would cause changes that would carry through the next 6-8 weeks of dieting. So you’d do your cardio for a month or so, then drastically reduce it for the next two months.

Mind you, 4-6 weeks in a row is all I would ever recommend for weight loss, but it’s still 4-6 weeks MORE than Craig Ballantyne would EVER recommend.

Craig has basically turned his back on Cardio saying that it is responsible for:

X Fat Gain (especially around the waist)

X Premature Aging

X Sudden and Unexpected Death

Sounds Crazy, but Craig is my friend and he’s also a world-famous fitness expert who designs great workouts. Plus, he’s taken a hard look at the research behind these controversial claims.

What he’s saying may shock you…

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