Insulin is only HALF the story

Written by: Brad Pilon

Insulin has a bad reputation in the weight loss industry.

Basically, to most people high insulin means fat storage and low insulin means fat loss.

Unfortunately it’s not exactly this easy.

Low insulin doesn’t mean fat loss. High Growth Hormone means fat loss.

Actually, for the full fat burning effect, you need BOTH low insulin and high Growth Hormone, which is exactly what happens during a fast.

…but you absolutely, positively cannot talk about fat loss without talking about Growth Hormone (GH for short). In fact, I’d go as far as to say that any book that explores the science of fat loss without mentioning Growth Hormone is incomplete.

Just how important is GH to your fat loss goals?

Consider this:

When you fast, it is the increase in GH that is responsible for forcing you to burn fat for a fuel instead of sugar or protein. When your GH release is chemically blocked, your fat burning drops and your muscle breakdown increases by almost 50% – And that’s WITH your insulin still being rock bottom low.

So you need high GH for effective fat burning and effective muscle sparing. Which is what makes fasting so unique. – it’s why you lose fat when you fast and why you don’t lose muscle.

It’s also why your metabolism doesn’t slow down while you fast.

The bottom line is that high GH is needed for effective fat loss, and fasting for as little as 24 hours is one of the most potent signals for high GH available without a prescription

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