How fasting works

Written by: Brad Pilon

Let me clarify — fasting is a LITTLE BIT bad for you — which is sooo good for you…

Get this… Your body responds to stress.

Fasting is a bit of a stress.

Not a big ‘I’m gonna die’ kinda stress.

[…It probably rates somewhere between a hard math test and a paper cut…]

the point is… It’s stressful, and your body has to respond to that stress, which is why it is good for you. Here’s how fasting works…

Fact: The occasional stressful ‘challenge’ is imperative to the proper functioning of your biological systems.

Or, in more standard talk – You were not meant to live life in a bubble.

Did you know that right after you are done fasting, your insulin sensitivity is actually decreased?…

It’s true. But do you know what happens after a couple weeks of occasional fasting?… Your insulin sensitivity improves. Better than it was before. […a good thing BTW…]

Stress. Stress response. Improved biological function.

Exercise works in the same manner.

I can remember the first time I saw an SEM micrograph picture of a calf muscle that was taken before, then immediately after a workout.

The before pic was a beautiful picture of these perfect muscle fibers. Thin cords of color all running parallel in a display of amazing organization. It looked perfect.  The second image was of the same muscle fibers, only now they looked like they had been hit by a grenade. The fibres were all frayed and damaged. It was horrible.

Then sure enough another picture was shown that was taken a week later. Not only were the fibers back to being perfectly organized, they were now a little bit thicker in some spots.

My point is, had you only looked at the first two pictures, you’d think that working out was the worst thing you could possibly do for your muscles.

But, if you look at all THREE pictures, you see that the little bit of stress caused by the workout created beneficial effects inside the body.

Stress leads to… Stress response leads to… Improved biological function…

This is exactly how fasting works.

Which means that the occasional ‘fasting stress’ helps you get leaner and healthier!

So keep this in mind the next time someone says ‘fasting is bad for you’…

You can simply reply ‘of course it is, that’s why it is so good for me’

[…And chuckle up your sleeve as you watch them try to puzzle that out… 🙂 ]

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