Eat Stop Eat Fasting Tea With High Polyphenols is on Sale Now!

Written by: Brad Pilon

Let’s cut right to the chase… I’ve developed a unique tea to support your intermittent fasting, and it’s amazing.

Fasting tea is a collection of high “polyphenol” ingredients designed to help accelerate all the positive benefits of intermittent fasting…

From curbing hunger to blocking the synthesis of new fat, and even possibly killing existing fat cells, polyphenols are pretty awesome.

They really do everything — from improving the health of your mitochondria, to helping with inflammation and insulin sensitivity — polyphenols have a wide array or really great health benefits, and that’s why I chose them as the core of my fasting tea.

And I sought out all the best, highest quality, natural sources of polyphenols. You can see the full list of polyphenol sources on this page. The result is a blend of high potency, great tasting, not too sweet polyphenols in a delicious drink.

Now, if you’re looking for a “magic bullet,” or a 5,000% boost in your metabolism, then fasting tea isn’t for you, but if you’re happy to enjoy the gradual benefits that can improve your health and your body composition, as well as reducing inflammation, neutralizing free radicals and free radical formation, then fasting tea is for you.

And if you’re wondering “But Brad, couldn’t I just make this myself?” the answer is yes, yes you could. You’ll see all the ingredients at the link below. However, I’ve done all the work to make this easy, tasty and well… easy.

[[ To be 100% honest with you, I made this tea for me. It’s the formula I wanted for me, so you can rest assured that it’s really, really good stuff. ]]

Also, I know I called it “fasting tea,” but it’s something I take every day, fasting or not.

Finally, I know you are probably skeptical, you probably see supplements all the time, but I really want you to give this one a try. And today you can get over 35% OFF on your first bottle…

You special discount page here ==> Fasting Tea Special Deal

I really think you’re going to love Fasting Tea!

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