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If you want to see what weight loss results can be achieved with the help of the ‘Eat Stop Eat’ method of intermittent fasting (you can get a free copy of Eat Stop Eat book here), then you’re on the right page.

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How do we collect the Eat Stop Eat reviews, success stories, before and after results?

The “Eat Stop Eat” book has been first published in 2007 and almost immediately it started getting good reviews from the readers and the book critics.

At that time, Eat Stop Eat was the radically new approach to weight loss and the first book that brought the public’s attention to intermittent fasting by telling people about the science behind it and what great health benefits and fat loss results fasting can offer.

Now, over 150,000 women and men from all over the world have given it a try and, probably, millions are aware about Eat Stop Eat through online publications or social networks.

Some followers were eager to share their exciting, life-changing results with the Eat Stop Eat community. Thus, we began to receive a flow of emails form people who were willing to say something about their personal Eat Stop Eat experience or just share a quick feedback.

Next, we have posted a small part of Eat Stop Eat reviews.

Eat Stop Eat Reviews with Photos

Brad, I just wanted to let you know that I went from 141 pounds to 130 pounds in less than a month incorporating Eat Stop Eat in my eating habits. Thanks for all your helpful information!

– Tina



Eat Stop Eat has been very different from anything I’ve ever done. I have been following it for under 7 weeks and have now reached my weight loss goal! Down 11 lb lbs since I started ts plan after reaching a plateau on a well known weight loss program. I love the flexibility of this plan.

– Mari




“I read your book last summer, I have been doing Eat Stop Eat for almost a year now, and I love not worrying about eating every 3 hours, it has been easier to maintain the weight that I like, here is a picture I took this morning.”

Laura L




“Just want to say Eat Stop Eat is the most flexible and sensible way to go about intermittent fasting.”

Peter Calicchio



Eat Stop Eat Before and After Results

Eat Stop Eat - Before and After Results 01

Doctor Kevin


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Eat Stop Eat - Before and After Results 03



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Eat Stop Eat - Before and After Results 05



Eat Stop Eat Success Stories


rebecca“Love what you’re doing! ESE such a great read…everyone needs to take your no BS, simplistic approach to everything in life. It just makes sense! I also love the way a 24 hour fast feels, the heightened awareness and enhanced productivity.”

Rebecca Rausch






cory“Just wanted to thank you for your book and opening my eyes on weight loss. I read eat stop eat back in February when I decided I needed something other than the standard diet to lose weight. Here’s my Eat Stop Eat results: I have lost 65 pounds with the goal getting to around 12% body fat and your program made this process a lot easier than I ever thought it could be. Thanks again for all your hard work educating us.”

Cory Waggoner


“I’m a huge fan of your work. I started doing 24 hour fasts 2x a week back in april and have passed my weight goal! I’m 19 years old, 5 foot 4, originally weighed 128 lbs but could never get down to 115 even with exercising regularly. Finally, I am down to 113 two months later! and the best part is, there has been no stress counting calories! Eat stop eat fits so easily into my lifestyle!”

Kayla N


After following Eat,Stop,Eat for approximately 8 weeks, I lost around 25 lbs. that I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge received and the new, healthier respect I have for food. As someone around the 5’10 – 5’11 height mark, this amount of weight made a huge difference in my visible appearance as I went from 230 pounds to 205!”

Joey G

“…my Eat Stop Eat results are 10 lbs in 1 month…”

“In the beginning, I was very skeptical of Eat Stop Eat. It seemed too good to be true. One day I decided “what the heck”.. and purchased the e-book anyway. At first it was VERY difficult for me.

On the “fasting” days – Yes I did have headaches, I felt nauseous, my stomach was growling like crazy. But these “symptoms” are temporary. They only lasted the first several days. I soon realized that I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food. To the point of dependence! My body was so used to drinking a ton of soda, high-sugar products, caffeine, and just plain junk – that without it (on fasting days), I had withdrawal symptoms.

The point of this lifestyle isn’t to restrict what you eat – but give you the freedom of choice. Before ESE I was on autopilot. I ate, drank and did things like a robot, without thinking. Fasting gave me mental clarity. I know it sounds strange – but trust me. After a few fasts, I was in control of my body, not the other way around. I was able to make smart choices such as knowing when I was full versus overeating.

I’m not eating like a rabbit and restricting the foods that I like. I still enjoy pizza, buffalo wings, cheese steaks, etc. But I eat the right amounts because my old urges are not in control of me. I’ve begun to enjoy eating “healthier” foods which was never the case before. I’m not really big on veggies but I have certainly been eating more fruits and just making a conscious effort to eat better. Not because it’s a requirement of ESE but because I NOW CARE what is going into my body.

For me, it’s the whole concept of garbage in garbage out. I just feel better (on a physical level) when I eat healthier foods. And this new found way of thinking was due to the mental clarity I received from fasting. Overall the rewards are great if you stick with it.

I’ve only been doing it for one month. My starting weight was 195lbs. (I’m 5’7”) I now weigh 185lbs. I combine the ESE with some cardio 2-3 times a week (for conditioning since I could barely climb a flight of stairs without losing my breath) and do light weight training. Now, my Eat Stop Eat results are 10 lbs in 1 month!

It seems like a lot – and this result is probably atypical. But in my case – I was retaining A LOT of fluid and have been able to shed some of the excess. I still have a journey ahead of me before I reach my ultimate goal – but I know I will get there eventually. I’m just happy that I finally found something that works. If you stick to it – a month or so down the line, you’ll be writing a similar message to someone else who is doubtful.”



“I would strongly recommend everyone to try Eat Stop Eat. One tip I can give is to think of it as doing something exciting and completing a challenge that most people never get to do. I’ll never forget my first fast because mentally I was extremely excited to overcome the “challenge” that most people perceive as being scary or overwhelming.

Two years later I’m still fasting, have lost about 30lbs and fasting 24hrs has become so easy that I have completed a few 5 days fasts just because I was curious and wanted to challenge myself. So trust me, it sounds scary but if you think of it as exciting it’ll be easy and every time you complete the fast you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment.”



“…ESE is a small investment in educating yourself…”

“I have used both Eat Stop Eat and a variation of Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet (which incorporates a daily 16-20 hour fast). I have more energy and, specifically, more focus than I’ve ever had before.

Retraining your [over]eating habits (we simply don’t need the amount of food we’re taught to eat each day) will take some acclimatization. Yes, your stomach is going to growl and complain for a while. And the first days, you may feel a bit weak, but that will be more a function of withdrawal from your bad eating habits than anything else. But this will fade quickly.

Within a short time, you’ll feel energetic and enthusiastic. Not to mention the free time you now have when not eating! And the weight will definitely start dropping.

ESE is a small investment in educating yourself about how to better care for yourself.

As for honorable, Brad’s at the top of the list. I have spent over a thousand dollars on books and ebooks in the past three years learning all that I could about health, diet and fitness. Some of it was not worth the money (sometimes poor material, worthless ezines/letters/forums, spam and the worst, for me, cross selling). But Brad’s programs are worth what you pay and more. I’m using something (for now) besides ESE, yet I read everything he writes, buy everything he sells and participate in his communities.

ESE is an easy sale.”


“I am a 58 year old man, and I’ve been utilizing the concepts of “Eat, Stop, Eat” for about three years. During those three years, my weight has dropped from fluctuating in the mid to upper 180s, to currently in the low to mid 160s. This period of time has been the first time in my life in which I have not felt like I was in a constant battle with food and my weight. “Eat, Stop, Eat” has allowed me to have a peaceful and enjoyable relationship with food.    

I am a very active person who lifts weight or runs 4-5 times per week, and “Eat, Stop, Eat” has never had a detrimental effect on my training or strength.

I’m grateful to Brad Pilon for the information in the book, and for opening my eye to the “Eat, Stop, Eat” lifestyle.

Johnny Starling

“…To my shock I have now weigh 195, lost 20 pounds…”

…I have been exercising for decades and for the past few years have concentrated on weight lifting, building size and strength. As I am 65 I always wanted to get my hormonal levels higher… but through proper diet and lifting I could never move my T level significantly. I am 6’3” and generally weighed 215-218….

Then I happened on your book Eat-Stop-Eat. It made so much sense to me and I was impressed with your background and knowledge. I was frozen with the myth that if I did not eat, and provide my body with the calories and continuous protein, my hard earned muscle would disappear.

Your book contradicted this greatly, in addition it claimed growth hormone and testosterone would spike. Wow, did that catch my interest. Always one for trying, I thought I would give it a go….. I started intermittent fasting the first week of September.

To my shock I have now weigh 195, lost 20 pounds, and my strength has actually increased!!! Coincidently I had my annual physical the third week of November, I and had the Dr. take a full testosterone reading.

Again, I was shocked…. it rose 75%, highest since I started recording it 15 years ago. Brad, honestly I am blown away by this, and I naturally tell everyone I know about your book.

To me it has been no less than a life changer, seriously. It has allowed me to become young again. Don’t get me wrong, I was in very very good shape before, but this has brought me to a level that on New Year’s Day I was racing around the beach (here in the cold Northeast) with my 6 year old grandson feeling like a kid myself…. Light, strong, quick, pure joy… without that 20 pound plate of fat within.

I thank you, I thank you, I thank you, for what you have done, and I listen to your book from over and over to keep me highly motivated. Now people I know in the gym come up to me and really want to know what I am doing, they say I look incredible…. I don’t know about that but I sure tell them. My family and children are doing it as well and it has improved their lives.

Brad, keep up the great work, whether you make a lot of money or don’t, your impact to people’s lives is significant…”

John Cardarelli