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In order to make it as EASY as possible for you to get results with Eat Stop Eat, I created this very, very special “Optimization Pack” so you can…

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The Eat Stop Eat “Optimization Pack”

Over the past 10 years I have used Eat Stop Eat to achieve very different objectives.

I have lost weight I’ve gained muscle I’ve fixed health issues

I’ve also stuck with Eat Stop Eat during times in my life when I had nothing to do but study and write, and other times when I was juggling two young kids, multiple businesses, family health tragedies and more…

Listen, I’ve experimented with Eat Stop Eat in pretty much any way you can imagine. And I now understand that sharing all of that with you is the fastest way to make sure you find your own perfect path.


The Eat Stop Eat Optimized Book

If Eat Stop Eat is the facts on Intermittent Fasting — from labs and clinical research — then Eat Stop Eat Optimized is my very intimate story of Intermittent Fasting in my own life.

Eat Stop Eat is the Science. Eat Stop Eat Optimized is the art.

I peel back the curtain so you can see inside my life and take the lessons I’ve gained through trial and error, so your success will come so much easier.

You’ll see…

Exactly how I eat

Pics of the foods I ate leading up to the photo below

My exact daily calories for different goals

The supplements I took to reach each goal

My mindset tricks for Intermittent Fasting


And you’ll also discover why…


I don’t exercise when I’m fasting

I NEVER snack on Protein

Sometimes I cut my fasts in length to optimize the fat loss process

I never worry about eating lots of carbs or fats

And much, much more…


The Optimized Club

“I want to invite you into my living room”

I’m inviting you to become a charter member of a special place I call the Optimized Club

It’s a one-of-a-kind gathering place where I answer all your questions and ensure you get the fastest and easiest results possible…

It’s a portal where you can easily get the solutions you need 24 hours a day

It’s a massive library where you’ll quickly find everything you need to optimize your health and achieve the body you desire

It’s a place where you’ll often find me hanging out for a quick chat where I can answer your question on the spot… or you can leave me a quick message, and I’ll have your question answered in hours…

It’s almost like hanging out at home or at the gym with me and being able to pick my brain 24/7…

Club Optimized Benefit #1
“Facts In Five” To-The-Point Coaching Videos

You’ll have access to my Facts In Five videos — where I bring you into my living room and share my no-holds-barred opinion on anything and everything Club Optimized members are curious about. Stuff like…

The truth about the importance of breakfast

What women need to know about fasting

What to do if you aren’t losing weight

How to short circuit hunger

The truth about muscle and fasting

What you need to know about “calories”

And so, so much more…

Club Optimized Benefit #2
The Advanced Nutrition Audio Series To Optimize Your Nutrition Savvy

You’ll be able to go through the university-level nutrition course that I’ve previously charged more than $700 for — absolutely free. In it you’ll discover valuable stuff like…

How to understand weight loss research studies

What Metabolism actually means and what it does for you

The role of nutrition in muscle gain

Why calories cause so much confusion

Exactly how exercise affects weight loss

And lots more…

Club Optimized Benefit #3
The Complete Exercise Video Guide To Optimize Your Fitness

You’ll get my complete library of exercise videos in case you want to enhance your results with a workout program. It includes everything you can think of…

Tone your arms

Build a shapely butt

Define your legs

Chisel your pecs

Dozens and dozens of exercise tutorials for ANY goal

Club Optimized Benefit #4
The Extensive Collection Of Audio Gems To Optimize Your Weight Loss And Health Goals

You’ll have access to all my best podcasts and premium interviews collected in one place. Some of my favorites are…

The interview with the Bulletproof Coffee guy

The podcast with the Primal Blueprint guy

The 2-part interview with the “Bruce Wayne Of Fitness”

The interview on the Living La Vida Low Carb podcast

Dozens and dozens of exercise tutorials for ANY goal
And many, many more…

Club Optimized Benefit #5
Exclusive Access To My Facebook Live Coaching Sessions

You’ll be able to join my Facebook Live coaching sessions where I share my latest discoveries with you and answer your questions so you can take your results to the next level. We’ll talk about exciting topics like…

Carbs or fats? Good or bad?

Organic fruits and veggies… worth it?

What role does “gut health” have in weight loss?

Is protein powder good or bad? Should you use it? And how much protein do you really need?

How the air in your office affects your waistline…

And most importantly… All the burning questions you and other Optimized Club members want to ask about…!

Now when you add it all up… hundreds of dollars worth of valuable coaching videos… the $700 university-level nutrition course… the Facebook Live coaching sessions… my Facts In Five videos… premium podcasts and interviews… the exercise video library… and all the bonus videos and goodies you’ll be getting every month…

I could easily be charging the steep $247 per MONTH price tag that many of my colleagues are getting for similar services. However…

That’s not what I want for you…

Because I know how much easier and faster your Eat Stop Eat results will be if you have access to the Optimized Book and Club… I want you to get your hands on it for just $1…

AND… after your 30-day trial, if you want to continue enjoying the Optimized Club, simply do nothing.

If you choose not to keep your membership, just send us a quick email and you won’t pay a dime. It’s only $29 per month for access to everything! Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email reminding you BEFORE your 30 day trial period ends, and all you need to do is hit “reply” if you choose to cancel.

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