Diet Advice and Diet Confusion

Written by: Brad Pilon

Every so often I stumble across something that reminds me why I love Eat Stop Eat.

Typically I find this type of stuff on the internet..usually in the form of the ever-conflicting diet advice you can find being passed around on-line.

The type of advice that makes you worry about specific macronutrients or macronutrient ratios in a way that is overly simplified and overly confusing at the exact same time.

But today…Today was different.

I found today’s Diet Confusion in a research paper.

Here’s the weird part..I wasn’t looking for Diet Advice, I was reading on the topic of Alcohol.

Specifically on the topic “Is Alcohol Consumption a Risk Factor For Weight Gain and Obesity?”

So…what stopped me dead in my tracks?

I’m going to share it with you.

Now remember…this isn’t my diet advice. And, it’s not ‘Paleo Friendly’ so remember…I didn’t write this.

But the basic idea is that we need to be concerned with “Fat Balance” (along with calorie balance) and that a positive fat balance is a much easier way to induce weight gain than a positive carbohydrate balance.

Anyway here it is (All the proof you will ever need that the simple answer of Eat Stop Eat is all you need…)



I warn you, it’s a tough read, but it perfectly emphasis my point.

Just find an easy way to eat less.


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