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“Fat Cell Killer” Review – Who Else Wants to Know How to Kill Fat Cells At Home

‘Fat Cell Killer’ is the first do-it-yourself at-home program for removal of fat cells.

It was designed by health author and intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon, who has studied the available research behind the fat cell apoptosis techniques of killing fat cells for good.

In this article, we’ll take a quick review of the ‘Fat Cell Killer’ book to see how fat cell removal really works and what factors can induce the permanent death of fat cells.

But before to start, let’s address the question you probably have …

Why to remove fat cells if I can lose weight by just dieting?

Here’s why:

As you know, when you eat fewer calories (dieting) than you burn, your body burns fat and you lose weight.

However, the total amount of fat cells in your body does NOT change as result of dieting.

They just shrink in size and once you start eating normally, your fat cells are filling up like balloons, so you end up getting the weight back.

Moreover, fat cells become more resistant to subsequent dieting efforts – you lose less weight and gain more pounds than before.

All this leads to the conclusion that a successful plan to permanent weight loss should have two stages:

  1. Fat cells “shrinking” that results in overall weight loss
  2. Fat cell removal to prevent rebound weight gain and lose fat in stubborn areas that are resistant to dieting.

That’s why the primary goal behind the ‘Fat Cell Killer’ program is permanent removal of unwanted fat cells.

Now, let’s look inside the Fat Cell Killer book

So, in the first chapter you will find out about the process of fat cells dying called “Fat Cell Apoptosis”. It’s a natural and ongoing process that occurs in your body on a cellular level and which is also known as “programmed cell death”.

Fat Cell Killer Review: Part One - Cellular Apoptosis

Brad highlights the following facts that are specific for fat cells:

  • Fat cells grow and shrink (when you’re overeating or dieting)
  • When fat cells reach their maximum size, your body adds new ones
  • Fat cell can die and their turnover is approximately every 10 years

One more interesting fact is that fat cells in different areas of body have different properties.

Fat cells in some areas are tend to shrink more easily than in others. This is why we have difficulties with losing stubborn body fat in certain areas like belly, thighs, hips.

And according to author, there are four effective strategies that can help you to speed up apoptosis and kill stubborn fat cells faster than the normal rate of your body.

4 techniques to induce fat cells apoptosis:

  • Targeted Cold Exposure
  • Sunlight Exposure and Vitamin D Synthesis
  • Targeted High Intensity Exercise
  • Dietary Polyphenol Intake

Now we take a look at research to find out how effective these techniques are for killing fat cells and what downsides they may have.

Fat cell apoptosis technique #1: Cold Exposure

Cold kills fat cells. This discovery was made accidentally in 1970 when doctors Ervin Epstein and Mark Oren examined the cheek of a child who had an unusual reaction to a popsicle.

Fat Cell Killer Review: Part Two - Cold Exposure
They noted that the child had less fat on the cheek that was affected by a popsicle.

Based on this finding, other researchers suggested that cold temperatures may eliminate the fat layer below the skin without damaging other tissues.

This is how the science of Cryolipolysis was born.

The cryolipolysis or “freezing fat to death” method is backed up by the findings showing that:

  • fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than other tissues of the body
  • 30-60 mins exposure of temperatures ranging from -5 to -10 degrees Celsius can die fat cells with no adverse effects to the surrounding tissues or nerves.
  • Approximately 20% of the fat cells in the treated area would go through apoptosis.

As you can see, cryolipolysis has been shown to be an effective and safe therapy for killing off up to 20% of the fat cells in the treated area. Sounds good, right? However, there are a few cons of cryolipolysis:

  1. Cryolipolysis is not for overall fat loss.

Cryolipolysis is ideal for people who lost most of their excessive weight and want to lower fat in stubborn areas like belly or handles. You simply cannot use cryolipolysis to lose ten, twenty, or forty pounds. It’s a targeted fat loss method that you can use close to the end of your weight loss.

  1. Cryolipolysis is not a cheap procedure.

Price of cryolipolysis can range from $600 to $700 per treatment area. For example, one arm might take two treatments, so your total bill will be around $1,200. Your lower belly area may take an additional 3-4 treatments to cover the whole area, that will cost you a few thousand dollars.

The good news is that cryotherapy can be done at home with almost no cost for you!

Brad tells about how to freeze fat cells at home (his technique is borrowed from athletic therapy) in chapter titled “Do-It-Yourself Cryotherapy” of the Fat Cell Killer book.

Fat cell apoptosis technique #2: Sunlight Exposure

Sun exposure is good and bad for us at the same time.

Fat Cell Killer Review: Part Three - Sunlight Exposure

UV exposure allows your body to produce vitamin D that is important for human health.

On the other hand, sunlight can be bad for us, as a great body of research shows the link between sunburns and skin cancer.

The effect of sunlight on killing fat cells also has been examined in medical studies that established the following:

  • repetitive UV exposure can reduce lipid synthesis in the fat tissue just below the skin.
  • UV exposure of human skin decreases free fatty acids and triglyceride levels in the fat layer just below the skin
  • the fat cells themselves are never directly exposed to the UV

Some researches have shown that vitamin D triggers apoptosis in mature adipocytes (fat cells) via induction of apoptotic Ca2+ signal. This is a sustained, prolonged increase in concentration of intracellular Ca2+ which leads to the death of the cell.

To learn all science on how sunlight exposure and vitamin D production can stimulate fat cell death, check out the Fat Cell Killer program.

Fat cell apoptosis technique #3: Targeted High Intensity Exercise

High intensity exercise is a great way to building strength, endurance, improving cardiovascular fitness, but what about killing fat cells.

Fat Cell Killer Review: Part Four - Targeted High Intensity Exercise

We know that high intensity exercise causes your muscles to release apoptosis-inducing myokines into your bloodstream.

A 2007 research paper has shown that blood flow is generally higher in subcutaneous adipose tissue adjacent to the contracting muscle.

In other words, if you are exercising your abs then your abs and the area around your abs will be getting more blood flow, and thus a higher concentration of myokine exposure.

Basically, the fat near your exercised muscles becomes “bathed” in myokines as a result of repeated intense contractions. And these myokines are what causes fat cell death.

So we can use high-intensity exercise to target our problem areas and Brad Pilon created two distinct exercise protocols for different stubborn aresa that you can add to your workout program.

These workouts are to be done 2 to 3 times per week on nonconsecutive days and available in the Fat Cell Killer manual.

Fat cell apoptosis technique #4: Dietary Polyphenol Intake

Polyphenols are a group of chemicals that naturally occur in many foods and spices including fruits and berries.

Fat Cell Killer Review: Part Five - Dietary Polyphenol Intake

A great body of research has indicated that these chemical compounds play significant role in fat cell apoptosis.

  • Polyphenols inhibit the enzyme Fatty Acid Synthase which is responsible for making new fat in your body.
  • Latest research has established that polyphenols also have the ability to initiate fat cell death.

There are a big list of polyphenols containing foods that you can include in your diet, like green tea, capsaicin, turmeric, berries and many others.

Of course, it’s a not a quick solution and you won’t see immediate results from increased intake of polyphenols. However, in the long-term, it can be an additional tool for killing even more fat cells.

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What Type 2 Diabetes Does to Your Body (MY NEW BOOK)

There is still a lot of confusion surrounding type 2 diabetes.

What causes it, and whether or not it can be reversed.

I lost my Dad to cancer a little over a year ago…

Before the cancer was cardiovascular disease…

Before cardiovascular disease was type 2 diabetes.

This progression: type 2 diabetes —> CVD —> cancer is quite common.

So even though it was the cancer that took my father from me, it was his diabetes that started everything.

…and it’s diabetes that has been on my brain for the last couple years.

Interestingly, diabetes presents itself differently in men than it does in women.

In other words, there are distinct gender differences in type 2 diabetes.

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Weird vacation story doubles your daily energy

Have you ever gone on vacation, pigged out the entire time, and not gain anywhere near as much weight as you thought you would?

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The same weird experience happens to a lot of people.

And new scientific discoveries are finally explaining why…

I think it’s because of the air you were breathing on vacation. Let me explain…

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So do you need to move to an island in the Caribbean to be healthy?


You just have to decrease your daily exposure to carbon dioxide.

Yes carbon dioxide.

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This is eye opening stuff. And to tell you the truth I was shocked and horrified to discover it myself in the brand new Thin Air book that I just finished reading last week.

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First Access to My New Book ‘Fat Cell Killer’

There is a big difference between losing fat and permanently killing off fat cells.

You lose fat with diet and exercise, you KILL fat cells through something completely different…

We used to think fat cells were permanent… once you gained a fat cell it basically became immortal fat, stuck on your belly for the rest of your life…

Turns out, this isn’t true, fat cells do live a long time (roughly ten years), but they do eventually die.

And.. sometimes this process can be sped up.

Like when your fat is exposed to cold.

Cold kills fat cells.

This is important…. COLD KILLS FAT CELLS

This means something non-exercise and non-nutrition related can have a DIRECT impact on the amount of fat cells in your body.

Now, you may be wondering… why should you care?

Well here’s the thing…

When you gain weight you also gain fat cells.  People who are overweight typically have MORE fat cells that people who are lean.

However, when someone who has been overweight loses weight, they STILL have more fat cells than someone who is the EXACT same weight, but was never overweight.

When you diet your fat cells shrink, but they don’t go away.

This matters because recent research suggests the the number of fat cells you have impact how hungry you are.

And research shows that people who were overweight, but then lost weight are typically hungrier than people who are the same weight, but were never overweight.

In other words, the number of fat cells you have matters.

Losing fat cells also smooths out stubborn fat areas like your love handles and stomach “paunch”.

Even better, research suggests this loss is near permanent.

The best part is you have the ability to alter the number of fat cells you have, WITHOUT diet or exercise.

The process is slow, but the research is impressive.

This is the topic of my new book.

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PreRelease of my NEW BOOK – ‘Good Belly, Bad Belly’

Overeating refined sugar is not good for you, I think we can agree on this (emphasis on the ‘overeating’ part).

However, I’d like you to consider replacing the term ‘refined’ sugar with ‘unprotected’ sugar… I’ll explain why in a minute.

Generally, most health experts suggest avoiding sugar. The common logic against sugar goes like this:

Since refined sugar is bad, then sugar in general must be bad, and if ALL sugar is bad then sugar containing foods are bad…. and this includes fruits.  After all some fruit juices can have the same amount of sugar in it as soda right? And fructose is evil so we all know that we should never drink fruit juice.

That is is the conventional wisdom.

However, I’m about to argue that this is incorrect, because the sugar in fruits and even fruit juice is PROTECTED sugar.

If you are concerned about the health of your gut bacteria and the negative effects of endotoxins (and I think you should be), I want you to rethink fruit and even fruit juices…

In my new book Good Belly, Bad Belly I explain the dangers of endotoxins and argue that many types of foods that contain Protected sugars, even the highly villainized fructose, can be your friend, ESPECIALLY if your diet is high in saturated fat and refined (unprotected) sugars.

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New How Much Protein

I’ve finally finished the updates to my book “How Much Protein”.

My recommendations really haven’t changed in this new expanded version, but I have added some rare exceptions to these recommendations and some more explanations on how the protein you eat works (and doesn’t work) in the muscle building process.

I’ve also removed the creatine information and moved it into it’s own report – Aptly named “How Much Creatine?”

The RIGHT amount of protein is still a big question mark in many people’s approach to nutrition, and this is my best answer to the question:

How Much Protein should I eat if I want to Build Muscle?

Plus, I’ve included the creatine research because I think it’s an extremely valuable but misunderstood supplement.

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