Brad Pilon’s Progressions: A New Way to Think About Exercise and Strength Training

Written by: Brad Pilon

Progressions is one of the best ‘discoveries’ I’ve ever made. However I know that logically, at some point everyone will hit a wall and will not be able to lift the next progression weight.

If that weren’t the case everyone would eventually be able to bench press 1000 lbs for 10 reps assuming they had enough time to follow progressions to that point.

I will say that had anyone told me 10 years ago that instragam would be full of relatively lean men dead lifting 600, 700 even 800 pounds, I would not believe you. So we are making strides in human strength development, I just don’t know where the cut off is…

Luckily, I’m about a year ahead of everyone with progressions so I’ll have time to deal with it then advise on a best approach.

When I do hit a plateau with my progressions I would not starting doing ‘more work’ by adding extra workout days or exercises (recipe for disaster), instead I would take the following steps:

1) I’d assess the extra exercises I do after the progressions exercise, see if they are too taxing or not helping.

2) I’d assess the exercises I do on the other days, am I taxing a joint too much on Wednesday to hit a progression on a similar movement on Friday?

3) Do I simply need a break from that specific exercise for a week or two?

4) Am I done progressing on that exercise for now and should I move to something different?

And finally

5)  Is there any need to continue to progress on that exercise? Could picking a different exercises be better for me?

I will say, that from experience, if you really assess honestly you will see that ‘cheating’ the exercise comes long before failing with progressions. Cheating gave you quick gains in progressions and you ‘owe them back’ which is what I find causes some to hit the wall.

So remember, be absolutely as strict as possible with your form and range of motion with your progressions. It keeps you honest and progressing at an appropriate rate.

If you do find yourself stuck on an exercise, go through the 5 questions above to help guide you on the proper steps to take.

If you want to check out the exact workout program I’ve been doing for the last year, you can check it out here –> PROGRESSIONS

If you want to see the RESULTS I’ve achieved with progressions you can go to my instagram account here –> Gratuitous Shirtless Pics



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