2 Minute Bedtime Habit Key to Overcoming Obesity

Written by: Ioannis Nikitidis, MD, MSc

“There’s no escape,” claims top researcher, John Barban.

And after championing real world strategies leading to breakthrough results involving 1000’s of the most stubborn of obesity cases over the last 20 years, he would know.

“Unfortunately, in this day and age, we deal with a lot more DNA harming factors in our lives than ever before, from social media, to different frequencies of light, to man-made foods.”

“Every single modern convenience humans have invented has also added additional negative variables that simply CANNOT be accounted for and what makes it worse, these variables CANNOT be avoided, and strategies to overcome them have frankly introduced even more negative issues.”

Much to the delight of the diet/pharma complex where executive salaries and bonus compensation packages have been rapidly skyrocketing over the last 30 years…

“Battling obesity and biological aging is basically impossible with today’s current approach and is simply an endless profit center.”

“However, a new 3-part strategy may hold the key,” says Barban.

“What if we start with the idea that you can never go back, you cannot avoid, and the ever-changing world as it is IS the new reality that you simply cannot escape?”

During this free groundbreaking presentation, Barban builds on this core idea and reveals the proven 3-part strategy that results in a simple 2-minute change to your bedtime ritual that completely reverses obesity, clears and de-wrinkles skin, and lowers your biological age to 10-20 years BELOW your actual age.

As for Barban, he laughs at the new reveal:

“The funny thing is, if you do this one thing, your body will actually take care of the rest. It’s strange. Cravings, disease, obesity, premature aging, even many issues in mental health are showing to completely resolve ON THEIR OWN. This is the lynchpin no one is talking about.”

>> Do NOT AVOID this 2-minute bedtime ritual

While the total effects of this new method will vary from person to person depending on how much harm each person’s DNA has accumulated, Barban advises all adults to arm themselves with this groundbreaking information.



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