Where to ship your FREE copy of Eat Stop Eat?

You ask for it, and now you’ve got it.

After years of fighting it, I’ve finally given in.

Introducing Eat Stop Eat as a real…. BOOK

Yes, you can now hold your copy of Eat Stop Eat in your actual hands while reading it 😉

You can get your copy now for just the price of shipping and handling.

However, I have to warn you… I had 500 copies made, however as an experiment, I decided to list the book on Amazon for 20 bucks. I thought I’d sell 10 to 20 a month on there. Well, the first 20 books we sent them sold out the first DAY. So we sent them a bunch more, and now I have less than 350 left….

So if you want a copy now is your time…

Get your PHYSICAL copy of Eat Stop Eat ⇒ Eat Stop Eat Hard Copy

I can’t thank you enough for your support. I hope this proves a small token of my appreciation.