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My Results from 24-hour fasting

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    Just wanted to share the results of my first 24-hour fast with everyone. I’m very pleased! My fast ended yesterday between 5:00-6:00pm. I had one of my favorite meals… and wasn’t able to eat my usual amount! Yep. My stomach has shrunk. I was already pleased with the pound I lost overnight. But this morning I have lost another pound!!!! Love it!!!! Slowly but surely I’m getting a flatter stomach – which is my ultimate goal.
    AND, I must say… I really like the compound workouts. Just finished my first week. I was skeptic about whether it would be enough challenge since I’ve been lifting a while. I’ve discovered it hits muscles I haven’t worked before. I like that.

    Really, really feeling good about my investment. Very satisfied already.

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    Hi! I felt the same way since I had been lifting a long time. Just wait until you reach the pyramid sections of phase 2, you will enjoy coming back to these easier sections you are doing at them moment. And, if you love lifting like I do, and I believe you do, than you will love switching back and forth between the intermittent super sets (which you are doing now) and fibonacci pyramids, x-sets, and progressive pyramids. I think it’s amazing and quite superior to the other workouts I’ve seen described out on MFP. No one out there on that forum was able to show me any better results for lifting out there and I have asked for it multiple times.

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    I’m glad to read this, too.

    I’m still completing NROL4Abs. (I’m now 1/3 of the way through Phase 2 of NROL4Abs.) And, in looking at the Phase 1 work-outs, I’m kind of thinking I’m past that, too. For me, as long as I’m doing compound lifts, and not spending more than 60 minutes in the gym, I’m a happy camper!

    Congrats on the fast! I haven’t done a 24-hour fast, yet. For now, I’m sticking with only a 6-hour eating window, daily, and just dropping my calories more-and-more each week! (I hope to drop to 1,200 daily calories this week.)

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    Well, my 24 hour fast turned into 30 hours and it was much easier than ever before. It may have something to do with no coffee! I have become a tea drinker. But it seems I am coffee sensitive, not caffeine sensitive.
    Without it I fasted with no hunger at all. I was amazed and very happy to see about a two pound water bloat drop away.

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    Great job, April! Things go in spurts sometimes…especially after making progress for a time we need a bit of a break to equilibrate. I always tell myself slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes you just need a pit stop, evaluation, assessment, and you get back on the road when you’re ready!

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    HI, girls. I just finished my 2nd 24-hour fast today. I actually wasn’t sure I was going to make it because I hadn’t had much to eat before I started yesterday, but fortunately I was really busy at work today and didn’t even have a chance to think about eating until it was just past 24 hours! I had a normal lunch and now I am just finally starting to get hungry for dinner. The first time I fasted I felt a little out of control when I finally got to eat, but now I feel totally different. I am appreciating food more and really wanting to make sure I’m feeding my body, not necessarily my mind.

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    Lori, congrats on a job well done. It is not alwasy easy learning to fast. I also have lost control when I finish fasting, so I need to plan out my days when I know I can handle it. And by the way, when it comes to a WOMAN’s beauty moments that is number 1 priority. Once you have pampered yourself you feel so good, you will conquer the world!!

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    Hi, ladies!

    I also completed my first 24 hour fast today. I started last night after dinner and ended tonight with dinner. it was actually 25 hours, but not on purpose. Around hour 21 I started to feel really hungry. but I did a mental ‘check in’ and I wasn’t feeling tired or fatigued at all, my energy level was fine, I was just having that grumbling stomach hunger pain feeling, so I chugged a bunch of water and drank some herbal tea. that took care of it.

    Broke my fast with a tasty flatbread (was supposed to have sushi but the place was closed for memorial day) and I even had enough calories for dessert. I got an awesome apple pie with candied walnuts on top and I didn’t even finish it. was satisfied after a few bites. mindful eating. brilliant. and I feel fine now too, several hours after eating.

    I think fasting really goes well with my natural rhythms and I have been fighting that for so many years that I can’t believe something that is so simple for me could possibly have been the answer all along. figures. tomorrow I will weigh and measure. it is a day or two early, technically but it is where I want my stats day to fall, so I am not expecting much, just doing it so I can record.

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    I’ve been playing with eat stop eat for years now and when I’m consistent it works like a charm.

    Normally I have no problem with 24 hour fasts but if I take a break for a few weeks the first couple of fasts are much harder to do.

    My typical fast starts after dinner, usually about 7pm then I typically won’t eat again until about 5 or 6 pm the following day. Sometimes I feel the need to break the fast a little sooner if my energy is really down. I was fasting yesterday but then wen to Costco at about 3pm. I grabbed a yogurt from Jamba Juice prior to going into Costco otherwise I’m pretty sure the croissants wouldn’t have made it home in a sealed container.

    The beauty of fasting is that you make it work for you. Some people fast once or twice a week, others fast for a period every day. I often combine both styles. I first eat for the day around noon and have my last meal at 7 or 8 in the evening depending on the families schedule. I rarely eat “breakfast” and almost never eat prior to noon. Although I must admit that as my LBM is increasing my morning hunger is also increasing so on weight training days I’m a little more lenient these days.

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m completing my 2nd week of 24-hour fasts. I’ve been able to get in two fasts both weeks! In general, I feel really good! I’m shocked at how relatively easy it is to ‘survive’ a fast. And, once I’ve completed it, I am eating responsibly, for the most part. Nothing out of the usual and I’m far more conscious of my food choices when i’m not fasting.

    However, I have seen ZERO weight loss yet. Is this normal? I am in this for the long haul, so I’m not, by any means, giving up, but it would be nice to see a little movement on the scale.

    Any advice/guidance is much appreciated! I’m trying not to get discouraged.

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    Irena, for some of us we have to wait even long than that. It’s all sort of random and it’s kinda why they call it a “whoosh” when the random drops happen. Sometimes they are sudden drops, big or small, and it will just happen later when your own body is ready to shed it. That’s why it’s really important to trust the process.

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